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Dear QMed patients - 

We have several announcements that we are excited to share about our practice and how we can better serve the transgender community.

We are thrilled to announce that Chris Turner, NP and Michael Lucas, NP will be joining the QMed team in Atlanta!  They are dedicated to providing outstanding care to our patients.  You can book with them now.  We are expanding to New York state!  Kelley Delaney, NP is available for booking now, and Melissa Ayala, PA will be joining us in upstate New York this Fall.  Dr. Lowell has exciting news - she and her wife are expecting a baby in November!  Dr. Lowell will be out of the office on parental leave during November and December.  Patients can book with either of our excellent Atlanta Nurse Practitioners, Chris Turner or Michael Lucas.  Dr. Lowell will be available if needed for consultation, but all matters will be addressed first by our team of Nurse Practitioners. - The QMed team

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NOVEMBER 3, 2019: We are located in Decatur, GA. Due to proposed anti-transgender legislation and the current political environment, we have removed our address temporarily for patient safety.

Please contact us for details.  |  Tel: 404-445-0350  |  Fax: 877-480-9635

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