Michael “Luke” Lucas MSN, FNP

(He, Him, His)

Michael “Luke” Lucas grew up in Athens, Georgia and attended Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina, where he received a BS in biology in 2005. After graduating, he completed an internship at CDC which helped to solidify his passion of providing healthcare for underserved populations. Luke was taught along with his three siblings the importance of fairness and compassion. “My mom recognized that each child was an individual with different strengths and needs. As a physician, my father was careful to teach us about the inequalities in healthcare and the privileges that so many take for granted.” Luke was drawn to the nursing philosophy of caring for the whole patient and entered Emory School of Nursing in 2008. He received his BSN in 2010 and MSN as a family nurse practitioner in December 2011.


Luke began his career as a Nurse Practitioner in 2012 at Grady’s Infectious Disease Program, one of the largest Ryan White funded clinics for individuals with HIV/AIDS.  He loved working with his patients and watching them become healthier and gain confidence. In 2016, he expanded his reach by serving on the board of directors for Positive Impact Health Centers, a growing HIV/AIDS organization. While he decided to leave IDP to join QMed, Luke remains committed to helping the HIV/AIDS epidemic come to an end by serving on the board of directors with Positive Impact.


Among the populations most affected by HIV/AIDS, the transgender population is both under-recognized and under-served. Assigned female at birth, Luke recalls an ever-present notion that he was “supposed to have been a boy.” His mother quickly learned that she could not put him in a dress and would recount going to the local Army Navy store to buy her four-year-old a “GI Joe” outfit for a birthday present. Luke would eventually begin his transition to male in his late twenties and started hormone therapy in January 2012. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to assist other transgender and gender variant individuals through QMed. He is driven to see this diverse and vibrant community thrive in a world that embraces humanity in all its forms.


Luke met his partner Steve in 2015. They live in Atlanta with a cluster of very spoiled pets, including an 

80-pound Pitbull mix (Bella) who would love to sit in your lap and a Siamese cat (Bernadette) who respectfully declines. As a new homeowner, Luke enjoys working outside in the yard and building shelves to accommodate he and Steve’s ever accumulating piles of books.

I started QueerMed to provide respectful and affirming care for the transgender community. Everyone deserves access to medical care, no matter the color of their skin, where they come from, their gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity.​

-Izzy Lowell, MD, MBA

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NOVEMBER 3, 2019: We are located in Decatur, GA. Due to proposed anti-transgender legislation and the current political environment, we have removed our address temporarily for patient safety.

Please contact us for details.

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