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Meeting you where you are

In many parts of the US, it is difficult to find doctors who are knowledgeable about transgender health and hormone therapy.  Telemedicine enables us to care for patients remotely, using a video conference on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  


With telemedicine technology, our team of healthcare professionals based in Atlanta can provide affirming care to trans patients across the Southeast.  Most insurance plans cover telemedicine, making it both convenient and affordable.


Our Care Process

Helping you navigate the steps

Initial Intake at QMed

Required Step 1

During the first visit, we will review your full medical history as well as any history of gender dysphoria.  The goal will be to evaluate whether hormone therapy is needed, to make sure any medical conditions or current medicines will be compatible with hormones.  If there are any medical or other barriers to your desired treatment, we will develop a plan to work through those issues.  We will review the medication(s), side effects, risks and benefits of treatment, laboratory monitoring, and frequency of follow up visits.

NOTE: you will never be required to undergo any physical examination that makes you uncomfortable.  Sometimes evaluating parts of the body can be helpful to determine puberty stages, but it is not essential, and we will do everything we can to protect your privacy and comfort. 

Meet with a Therapist

Optional Step 2

Mental health support during transition is a very important part of care for most patients.  Transition is ideally an exhilarating and affirming experience, but may also be disruptive and challenging.  Professional support from a mental health provider can be a key component of care during this time.

QMed has shifted to providing care with an INFORMED CONSENT model, so a therapist visit is not required.  However, we recommend working with a mental health provider (psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or counselor) who is familiar with transgender care prior to starting hormone therapy.  They will provide counseling and support during the transition process.  While ongoing mental health support is not required during transition, periodic follow up is strongly recommended, as this can be a disruptive time in one’s life.    

Lab Tests

Required Step 3

Before starting any treatment, we will need to perform blood tests.  We typically check your starting hormone levels, kidney and liver function, and anything else that may be needed prior to starting hormone therapy.  (See below for lab costs.)  

If you would like to get lab testing done before your first visit, please contact us via the patient portal to ask for a lab order.  That way we may be able to start hormone therapy sooner!

Hormone Therapy

Step 4

Once the full medical assessment is complete, any concerns have been addressed, you will be ready to start hormone therapy.  This process can be accomplished in as few as 1-2 visits in some cases, but may take longer if there are any issues to address.  The intake visit will be approximately one hour.  Additional visits to assess for hormone readiness will be 30 minutes.


All states require that patients receiving testosterone need to have at least one in-person appointment prior to starting hormone therapy. IF YOU NEED TESTOSTERONE, PLEASE BE SURE TO SCHEDULE YOUR FIRST VISIT IN OUR OFFICE OR AT A POP-UP CLINIC.

Follow-up Visits

Required Step 5

Once hormone therapy is started, for the first year you will need blood tests and a visit every 3 months to monitor your treatment.  We will start at a low dose to minimize side effects and see how you feel on the medicines.  As long as your hormone levels and other lab work is normal, we can increase your dose.


It typically takes 6-12 months for hormone levels to get to stabilize.  At that point, we can space out visits to every 6 or possibly every 12 months with long-term therapy.  Follow up visits are typically 15-30 minutes.


Hormone Therapy

Name/Gender Marker change letters



Insurance & Fees

The details for your cost of care



Self-Pay pricing



QMed Pricing

Insurance may cover

Expect labs at every visit


First Year: expect 4 visits

Subsequent Years: 1-2 visits/year

Labs required at every visit


$149 - $199

Self-Pay Pricing




Contact your Insurance to see if you are covered.  We accept:

  • Aetna/Coventry

  • Cigna

  • BCBS (read important info)

  • Humana

  • PHCS

Watch this helpful video to learn

more about Deductibles.

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NOVEMBER 3, 2019: We are located in Decatur, GA. Due to proposed anti-transgender legislation and the current political environment, we have removed our address temporarily for patient safety.

Please contact us for details.  |  Tel: 404-445-0350  |  Fax: 877-480-9635

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